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Reduce image size in KB. Resize and compress the image to 200kb,100kb, 50kb, 20kb or any size you want

How to resize the image to 100kb or the size you want?

It is a FREE online utility to resize your image with the maximum file size you want. To reduce the file size either you have to reduce the width and height of the image or reducing the pixel density i.e. quality of an image.If there is a large size image and you need small in size then you face the problem. Because when you reduce the image quality it produces a blurry image. So it is a time-consuming effort and needs much skill with traditional image tools like photoshop to get the desired result.

It is easy to use and a one-click method to resize the image to the targeted file size with is tool. Steps to follow:

  1. Upload your image using the browse button or drop your image in the drop area.
  2. visually crop your image.By default, it shows actual file size. After cropped it shows cropped size.
  3. Apply rotate 5o left right.
  4. Apply flip horingental or vertically.
  5. Input your target image size in KB.
  6. And then execute the 'Resize Image' button to get the image as you want.
  7. After processing you will get 'SAVE IMAGE' button to download image.

Output image type:

The out put image always will be in JPEG image type.

Supported Files

This tool is useful to resize JPG, PNG images to get maximum file size. Then specify target file size in KB. You can also use our IMAGE RESIZER to resize with multiple settings and features.

It is user-friendly & very fast is hosted in a reliable and fast CDN network environment. That's why it is fast to execute your task and it's also mobile-friendly.

Absolutely free & Secure

This 'Resize Image' utility is absolutely FREE and it always will be. Our system automatically deleting your images after 1 (One) hour and within 24 hours from our server forever for your security and Privacy.